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Crafting a data-driven fundraising campaign

Breaking down the process involved in creating a data-driven fundraising campaign for Origin Scotland.

Automating sentences with R

text manipulation

A short description of the post.

Align your axes

Applying a few formatting tricks and a custom function to make sure the x axes line up nicely across different plots.

Credit where it's due: changing the canonical URL of a post


A quick change in the YAML header to keep the search engines happy.

How to make data viz that matches your organisation’s branding


Picking a colour scheme that ties in with a client's brand or that evokes the subject matter behind the data is what allows datavisualisations to contribute to, rather than detract from, the main story the client is seeking to tell. This post covers both the design steps and the coding steps involved in creating bespoke colour schemes.

New year, new laptop, new library location, new version of R!

updating R

Eek? Starting again wasn't nearly as painful as it used to be, thanks to {installr} and the generosity of people posting solutions online.

Setting up a generative art project using #rstats and GitHub Actions

generative art
github actions

For the last wee while, I'd been wanting to explore the fascinating field of Generative Art and add a continuous deployment project to my portfolio. Enter the @aRtfulBot, a Twitter bot I created to explore both of these at once!

Alignment cheatsheet


I've used {ggtext}'s geom_textbox() a lot in my recent data visualisations, but, every time, I end up resorting to a bit of trial and error to get the alignment just right. Time to create a cheatsheet that will be useful to my future self, and hopefully to a few others also.

Welcome to Pars pas les mains vides!

Welcome to my blog! Its title, which translates as "don't leave/set off empty-handed" conveys what I'm aiming to do: capture things I've picked up along the way in the weird and wonderful worlds of #rstats, datascience and dataviz, and share them with others who may find them useful for their own adventures.

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Pars pas les mains vides!