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Setting up a generative art project using #rstats and GitHub Actions

generative art
github actions

For the last wee while, I'd been wanting to explore the fascinating field of Generative Art and add a continuous deployment project to my portfolio. Enter the @aRtfulBot, a Twitter bot I created to explore both of these at once!

Alignment cheatsheet


I've used {ggtext}'s geom_textbox() a lot in my recent data visualisations, but, every time, I end up resorting to a bit of trial and error to get the alignment just right. Time to create a cheatsheet that will be useful to my future self, and hopefully to a few others also.

Welcome to Pars pas les mains vides!

Welcome to my blog! Its title, which translates as "don't leave/set off empty-handed" conveys what I'm aiming to do: capture things I've picked up along the way in the weird and wonderful worlds of #rstats, datascience and dataviz, and share them with others who may find them useful for their own adventures.

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Pars pas les mains vides!