My #TidyTuesday contributions

A selection of graphs created as part of the weekly #TidyTuesday challenge

Welcome to my #TidyTuesday collection. These graph were all created using data released by the challenge organisers. Clicking on a plot will take you to the code I wrote to build it. All graphs are entirely created using R, from datawrangling to the final image.

Here’s a note from the organisers exlaining how the challenge works:

Join the R4DS Online Learning Community in the weekly #TidyTuesday event! Every week we post a raw dataset, a chart or article related to that dataset, and ask you to explore the data. While the dataset will be “tamed”, it will not always be tidy! As such you might need to apply various R for Data Science techniques to wrangle the data into a true tidy format. The goal of TidyTuesday is to apply your R skills, get feedback, explore other’s work, and connect with the greater #RStats community! As such we encourage everyone of all skills to participate!

Happy browsing!

Static graphs

2021-01 - Art

2020-11 - Phones

2020-10 - Everest

2020-08 - Avatar

2020-07 - Penguins

2020-07 - Astronauts

Animated graphs

2020-07 - Animals and Pets

2020-06 - Caribou


2021-01 - W.E.B. DuBois Challenge

The aim of this particular challenge was to recreate one of W.E.B. DuBois’ iconic datavisualisations. Here’s the original:

“Assessed Values of Household and Kitchen Furniture Owned by Georgia Negroes”, 1900, via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

And here’s my reproduction.


You can find the full set of my contributions here.