Welcome to Pars pas les mains vides!

Welcome to my blog! Its title, which translates as “don’t leave/set off empty-handed” conveys what I’m aiming to do: capture things I’ve picked up along the way in the weird and wonderful worlds of #rstats, datascience and dataviz, and share them with others who may find them useful for their own adventures.

Cara Thompson https://example.com/cararthompson

I can vouch for the benefits of learning within a community that openly shares those “Aha!” moments. This is me doing my bit to give back.

In addition to posts in this blog, I regularly share the code behind my datavisualisations, having learnt so much from others who do the same. Feel free to pinch the best bits and use them for your own purposes - that’s what it’s there for! - and if you want to say thanks or hello, get in touch via Twitter.

Happy adventures!

Backpack at the bottom of a set of stairs | Photo by Lina Verovaya on Unsplash


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