In a nutshell

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Finding patterns in numbers and helping people make sense of them

Hi, I’m Cara

A freelance data consultant with a background in academia.

I have over 15 years’ experience of building stories with data, ranging from designing experiments to analysing candidates’ scores in postgraduate medical examinations. I have earned a solid reputation for making complex things accessible and simple to understand.

There are two main strands to my consultancy work, which allow me to meet clients where their data needs are:

No matter the scale of the project, I find real joy in seeing faces light up when something obscure becomes plain, when a process that took days is reduced to minutes, and when people feel confident in their understanding of their own data. Whether you’re after a polished dataviz, a clear data-driven story, an automated data pipeline or a detailed report that updates itself whenever you feed it new information, I’d love to help you make the most of your data.

Great, how does that work?

First, get in touch. The easiest way is email: .

We’ll discuss your context and your data needs and make a plan from there. I charge a standard hourly rate, and will provide you with an estimated completion time based on the details of the project. If you have a R user in your group, I can help them get to grips with the code as part of the project. Once a project is finished, the code is yours if you’d like to keep building on it!

Recent projects for charities, businesses and research groups have involved:

And how did you end up doing this?

For a more standard take on career progression, check out my CV or my my LinkedIn profile.