I offer a range of solutions to help individuals and organisations harness the power of data visualisation to maximise the impact of their expertise. Whether through training, collaborating, or crafting something for you, the aim is always the same: clients feeling confident that they can use data visualisations to communicate important patterns in their data in a way that will engage their desired audience.

If you and your team use R, the code I write for your project is yours to continue building on. If you use other tools, I’ll make sure we set you up to be able to reuse the principles we’ve discussed in your future projects.

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Dataviz Design Systems

A dataviz design system is a bespoke set of colours, fonts, and rules, which can be combined to create data visualisations with a consistent aesthetic, taking into account colour semantics, accessibility, and design principles to help the stories in the data stand out. Investing in a dataviz design system for your team also brings about aesthetic unity, ensuring a clear visual identity across authors, papers, reports and conference talks.

Implemented as a bespoke R package or as an Excel template, the aim of the system is to save you time in decision making and implementation, so that you can focus on the aspects of data analysis and graph creation where your expertise adds most value.

GIF showing the transformation from basic ggplot plots to plots styled with consistent on-brand colours and fonts with the addition of two lines of code.

These are one of my favourite things to create, combining creativity with constraints to help data-driven teams maximise the visual impact of their work. I recently spoke at RMedicine about the process involved in creating a dataviz design system for a medical research group; you can rewatch the talk below. I have also included examples of dataviz design systems in my portolio. If you’d like to find out more about the process, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

Dataviz and Data-to-viz Commissions

You have some data to present, and your audience wants to understand it. Whether you’re looking for crystal clear communication of data insights, an artistic response to the data, or something in between the two, I enjoy putting together stand-out visuals which will keep the conversation going about your work.

From academic graphs to artistic commemorations, via interactive visualisations and animations with a sense of humour, my portfolio features a range of different styles, all coded straight from the data.

Slope plot showing the rise of internet access in different European countries between 1990 and 2014 Lesser spotted birds: Visualising bird species spotted one to five times in the FeederWatch dataset. The visualisation creates the effect of a bar graph by stacking the names of the species in columns (spotted once, spotted twice, etc). An image of a lesser spotted woodpecker is included to emphasise the pun. The subtitle reads: TIL that's not what lesser spotted means! The race to the top: A data visualisation which looks like a cake with icing dripping from each tier, exploring how the contestants performed through each episode of a series. Feral pigs, cats, goats and UFOs of Brisbane: An animated map of where animals were spotted in Brisbane styled like the old X-Files 'I want to believe' poster.There are four species of animals, each represented by emojis which dance around the screen: pigs, cats, goats and aliens (the 'unidentified' animals in the dataset)

And if you find yourself making the same plot(s) time and time again, let’s work together on a data-to-viz solution, so that you only have to use one line of code next time. Your time is better spent on other things! We can package up a plot function to avoid all that copy-pasting, and give it as much flexibility as you need to get good use out of it.

Four figures which are all variants on each other, containing a lot of information, which were all produced with just one line of code using a bespoke data-to-viz plotting function in R

Training, Consultation and Mentoring

You’re working on a new project, and feel you could do with a hand when it comes to dataviz? I genuinely enjoy helping people make the most of dataviz in their own context and would love to help.

The talks section on my website offers a few resources that you can make use of either for yourself or as an organisation. If you’re looking for something more bespoke, I enjoy meeting clients where their dataviz needs are, and look forward to hearing what you have in mind.

Here’s what I offer:

  • One-to-one coaching calls - discuss a specific graph or graph series you’re working on
  • Organisation-wide dataviz retainers - I’ll be on hand to give you a hand when required
  • Fixed term one-to-one mentoring - helping you build confidence in your dataviz and R coding skills
  • Team training sessions - including a review of the team’s current dataviz projects and team mentoring as they apply the training to upcoming projects

Tell me more about your context, where you feel you could do with a few pointers, and we’ll make a plan.

The folks I was with all agreed it was amazing how much value you’d packed into 8 minutes without it ever feeling rushed!

  • Feedback from the 2022 NHS-R Conference

Here’s what they were talking about!

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