Part of what I love about what I do is the variety of projects I get to help out with, making other people’s work shine while allowing them to reinvest their time where their expertise adds the most value. Take a look at what others said about what we achieved together.

Cara is one of the most talented data viz designers in the R community. With a keen eye for aesthetics and serious skill to implement her visions through code, Cara creates high-quality data viz that is lovely to look at and communicates effectively.

  • David Keyes, Founder, R for the Rest of Us

Cara was fantastic to work with, came up with novel ideas we had not considered and delivered a professional finished product which exactly met what we had not even known we’d needed.

  • Colin Peckham, Managing Director, Origin Scotland

Cara helped me create a cohesive visual identity for my brand and implement it in an R package. It’s provided immediate value to my work by dramatically reducing the time needed to go from a good idea to a professional-quality data visualization output. Cara has been great to work with.

  • Teal Emery, Founder & Lead Researcher, Teal Insights

Cara was asked to work with a novel dataset - where there was no prior history of how we might visualize these - and to do this on very short notice. The process was collegial, and done not only on time, but on budget. What stands out was Cara’s ability to integrate the statistical nature of the data, the technical and administrative context, and the user’s needs, and then to user her mastery of R/ggplot2 to render something both functional and visually engaging.

  • Rob James, Founder, Evidently