A Shiny App to make text sing


I built a quick Shiny App to help users apply Gary Provost’s writing advice: vary the length of your sentences to make your text sing.”


Building Stories with Data


March 30, 2021

Quick #rstats project. I’ve seen this piece of #writing advice by Gary Provost doing the rounds a few times, so thought it would be fun to build a #ShinyApp around it.

The app takes your text as input and highlights the sentences in different colours according to their length. It responds to edits, providing you with immediate feedback.

Here’s a quick demo:

The colours are from Paul Tol’s “light” palette, which you can read about here. If anyone has strong feelings about the threshold between a “medium” and a “long” sentence, I’ll happily move it!

You can give it a go here. And you can find the code, create an issue, or report a bug here.

And if you find it useful, pass it on!



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Thompson, Cara. 2021. “A Shiny App to Make Text Sing.” March 30, 2021. https://www.cararthompson.com/posts/2021-03-30-quick-rstats-project-ive-seen.