Ready, Steady, Viz! Tips, tricks and no-code resources for stand-out data visualisations

Data Storytelling

Inaugural talk on for the Black in Psych 2024 Summer Series | 12 resources, and many tips besides for creating compelling and memorable visualisations


June 11, 2024

Two hours, 12 resources, many many tips and tricks. In this fast-paced workshop, we look at how to make the most of colour to make our stories easier to communicate, how to optimise text to keep the main thing the main thing, and how to choose the right type of visualisation for the data and story we’re working on.

I also pointed to 12 no-code (and free!) resources, which I have listed below the video.

Happy datavizing!





Choosing the right dataviz

  • Dataviz decision tree with no-code and code-based solutions: by Severino Ribecca
  • Dataviz decision tree with solution in R, D3 and Python: by Yan Holtz

Making life easier for yourself



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