Level up your plots: Using colour, text hierarchy and annotations to create compelling and memorable data visualisations

RMedicine 2023 | A code-along workshop


June 6, 2023

In this workshop, we explored the following four tips for creating compelling and memorable visualisations, and made the case for creating annotations in R to avoid this reaction when your colleague comes to tell you that they have managed to gather extra data:


To run the code in this workshop, you will need to install the following packages, which can all be installed from CRAN:

  • tidyverse
  • palmerpenguins
  • systemfonts
  • monochromeR
  • ggtext
  • geomtextpath

In addition you may wish to use {colorblindr} which can be installed from GitHub using remotes::install_github("clauswilke/colorblindr").


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For attribution, please cite this work as:
Thompson, Cara. 2023. “Level up Your Plots: Using Colour, Text Hierarchy and Annotations to Create Compelling and Memorable Data Visualisations.” June 6, 2023. https://www.cararthompson.com/talks/rmedicine2023-workshop.