Beautifully Annotated: Enhancing your ggplots with Text

R-Ladies Cambridge | Inaugural lunchtime dataviz meetup

Palatable Palettes: Five tips for creating and applying bespoke colour schemes

NHS-R Community Conference | Five tips for making good use of colours in your ggplots

Variations on a ggtheme: Applying a unifying aesthetic to your plots

NHS-R Community Conference | Three reasons why you should apply a bespoke ggplot theme to your plots & how to do that

Level Up Your Plots: A Code-along Workshop

Online Workshop @ NHS-R 2022 Conference - November, 2022

Level Up Your Plots: Enhance the story telling capabilities of your datavisualisations

RUG @ HDSI - September, 2022

Level Up Your Labels: Tips and Tricks for Annotating Plots

user!2022 - Poster and Elevator Pitch

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